Fresh Eco Air Clips

Fresh Eco Air Clip - Citrus

Fresh Eco Air Clips

Freshens almost any space for 30 days! Powerful fragrance in a convenient clip. Freshens stronger, longer. 2-sided design packed with 2x the fragrance of competing clips. Versatile, attaches to a variety of surfaces and its small size makes it easy to hide. Eco-friendly, 100% recyclable, part of the only IS-based closed loop recycling program. Great for partitions, gym bags, lockers, pet areas and more.

7300201 Fresh Eco Air Clip - Citrus

730018 Fresh Eco Air Clip - Cotton Blossom

730020 Fresh Eco Air Clip - Cucumber Melon

730021 Fresh Eco Air Clip - Mango

730019 Fresh Eco Air Clip - Spiced Apple
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